November 28, 2023

Little Known Facts About English

Little Known Facts About English

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English language has said to be the most spoken language and it is a combination of different languages which means that the English is not a language itself it is just a combination of one of more and which also means that it has a long compilation of history and origins and as well. and with that list it also means that it also has a lot of facts as well and one of many facts is that there are short and long words. The most shortest word is ‘I’ and the most longest word consist of 45 letters and that word is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. This is a kind of word that you will also find a good and big dictionary because this word is a type of lung disease. You can get IELTS classes in Karama.

You must have heard this from your parents or siblings or friends or friends at work at you use curse words a lot but the fact is that if you start counting the words that you speak every day, you will see that most word you use will be or the. And the British use two words a lot and that is to have and to be. When you buy a dictionary, you must be thinking that there are so many words but the fact is that there is a dictionary in the possession of the Oxford English Corpus that is so big that it contains more than 2.5 billion words and this is because it shows all kinds of words that were used in the past and its meaning and how they changed into new words and what are they used for. Click over here to know more. 

Speaking of dictionary, there are people in this world who have remembered different dictionary and there was a man and a woman who used to lean dictionary and once they sued a whole company that made dictionary, they pointed out a mistake and the CEOs were removed from the panel and the couple became the owner of an empire within a month. Such incident happened for the first time and since then there are different kinds of competitions that are held where people come to give challenge for learning the most words of the dictionary and since then the spelling bees competition is held.