February 3, 2023

What You Should Do Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

What You Should Do Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

What should you do before and after cosmetic surgery? These tips will help you prepare for your surgery in a cosmetic clinic in Dubai. Avoid smoking and alcohol as much as possible before the procedure. Avoid sleeping on your side for at least two weeks. Avoid taking aspirin or ibuprofen.

Most importantly, avoid smoking for at least six months before the procedure. Your health will depend on it! Listed below are other things you should do before and after cosmetic surgery.

Stop smoking long before cosmetic surgery

If you’re considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, you might consider quitting smoking. It is harmful to your health, but it can also have disastrous consequences on your aesthetic surgery results. There are numerous benefits to quitting smoking before your procedure, including lower wound-related complications, a better healing of the skin, and a decreased chance of revision surgery. So, stop smoking now and save yourself a lot of money!

Avoid sleeping on your side

Although it may be tempting to sleep on your side after cosmetic treatment, this position puts unnecessary strain on the surgical incisions and breast tissue. This can lead to swelling, bleeding, and an unnatural shape for the new breast in rare cases. You should avoid sleeping on your side for at least two weeks after surgery and then switch to a comfortable position. Once your plastic surgeon has given you the go-ahead, you can sleep on your side again.

Avoid taking ibuprofen

You should avoid taking ibuprofen before and right after cosmetic treatment. This drug will not only cause inflammation but also may worsen your condition. Some side effects can be serious and lead to serious complications, including lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s tissues. Also, if you take nonprescription ibuprofen, you should call your doctor if you experience severe symptoms or take too much.

Avoid taking aspirin

Taking aspirin before and after a cosmetic procedure can cause complications, especially if you have an active gastrointestinal tract. However, there are some precautions you should take to ensure your safety. A low dose of aspirin is okay. However, higher doses of aspirin may harm the developing fetus or cause problems during delivery. If you are pregnant or planning on getting a cosmetic procedure, you should avoid aspirin.