February 2, 2023

What Techniques Are Used In Physiotherapy?

What Techniques Are Used In Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists use several techniques to treat patients. Some techniques are ROM exercises and soft tissue massage, while others focus on joint manipulation and Myofascial release. Each technique can help restore mobility and range of motion to an injured joint. Here are the most popular techniques used in the best physiotherapy clinic in Dubai. Read on to learn more.

ROM exercises:

ROM testing is a crucial component of physiotherapy and is a common procedure for determining the extent of a joint’s range of motion. Various ROM testing devices are available for different joints, including inclinometers and goniometers. These devices measure the angles of the joints and can be combined. ROM testing is also an essential part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Soft tissue massage:

One study looked at the effectiveness of soft tissue massage for shoulder pain. It was randomized and involved 29 patients. The treatment group received six treatments, while the control group received no treatment while waiting on a waiting list for two weeks. All patients underwent measurements before and after treatment, including active range of motion, hand-behind-back movement, and pain. The results were promising, but the study has some limitations.


Traditional therapies focus on the muscles, tendons, and bones. In physiotherapy, strain/counter strain techniques treat the lymphatic system, nerves, fascia, organs, and other structures. They work by applying pressure to these tissues to release trapped tension. These techniques have improved patients’ range of motion and strength when applied properly.

Myofascial release:

Myofascial release techniques are massage-like movements performed on the tissues. They involve following the flow of the tissues, thereby increasing their length. These movements also benefit the flow of electrons in the fascial web. They help the patient move their body parts through ranges of motion.

Remedial exercises:

Remedial exercises are essential for the treatment of injury or other conditions. These exercises help stabilize and slow down the body’s movements, promoting a faster healing process and a return to optimal function. Remedial exercises are also useful in the conditioning of canine athletes to help increase performance and minimize the risk of injury. Examples of these exercises include weaving, sit-to-stand, and slowly leading walking. Hydrotherapy may be included in rehabilitation sessions.